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This is a blog mainly for amazing pictures of dancing for gymnasts, dancers of all kinds, as well as admirers. I will occasionally post cosplay pictures and fandom posts as well.

I also run a Kyman blog which you can find here.

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Amanda Bisk on We Heart It.


Evgenia Obraztsova as the Tsar Maiden in The Little Humpbacked Horse

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Sian Richards Photography

Ashley Bouder by gramilano on Flickr.


So I did some research and she is Armenian! She was born in our capital city Yerevan (Armenia) and gratuated from Perm Ballet School (Perm Ballet School is 2.000km away from Yerevan!). After gratuating she danced with the Tchaikovsky Perm Ballet for four years and reached the rank of a principal and now dances with Dutch National Ballet as a member of the corps de ballet (source). This is her Facebook and this is her Instagram (I seriously feel like balletomanegirl #2). She accepted my friend request really fast! I hope she will reply to my message, too :) bunheadforever prosthetic-dance 

Do you think it’s okay that I posted this stuff? I just wanted to inform you guys so we know something about one more ballerina who is even from Armenia! :))

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girl ✋

The Pointe Shoe Makers of Hackney

It’s been a real slice, EPCOT.

just thinkin’ about cat stuff.

ballet blog <3

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